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From Provence to the Louvre

Annabel spent all her childhood, then her adolescence in the light of Provence, between Avignon and Mont Ventoux.

Very early, she showed a marked taste for drawing, painting. Her father and Danièle Arnaud, graduated of the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, introduced her to classical techniques, to art history. Solid knowledge that was further enriched with the passage to the school of art and catering in Chateaurenard. Then during the three years spent in Paris, in the famous restoration workshop of of Sylvaine Brans, she felt the happiness of being able to work on the restoration of masterpieces from the Louvre.

Alexandre Galpérine, illuminator of many poems of René Char encouraged her, following her first pictorial creations.

As a copyist at the Louvre Museum, a pupil of Dagher, she was able to penetrate closer to the mystery of creation with the study of Daubigny and Chardin.

If François Arnal opened to her the doors of his imagination, it is really the famous Korean dominicain-painter Kim En Joong, who in his immense canvases, then in his stained glass windows, introduced her since the 90s, into the infinite world of abstraction.

From Paris to Marseille

The return of Annabel in Provence after fifteen years of absence, her installation in Marseille symbolize an important step in this particular artistic path, namely, an ascent to the light, a search for a world well beyond the borders of our universe, in a word, a march towards the invisible ...

For twenty years, Annabel has exhibited in galleries (Avignon, Marseille, Hotel Drouot in Paris ...) and in her workshop. Many amateurs, collectors, have been able to follow the path of Annabel.

The artist tackles large formats that allow her to magnify the lyricism of her line through the play of subtle colors, revealing unknown worlds.

"Before launching the brush on the canvas, I let myself be influenced by various elements: the memory of the color of a sky, that of the reflection of a light on a rock ... I must feel in me the overwhelming power of various elements, visible or not ... Then in the calm, often at night, I find the energy for the fight with the canvas. "